Baby Shower Candle Favors Are Great Giveaways

by admin on July 17, 2012

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There is something unbelievably poignant about candle favors for a baby shower. I can’t say about others but my own feeling is that a mother-to-be passes on her special glow with candles that really make for elegant gifts. And at an affordable price too. However the value of an emotive candle gifted straight from the heart into loving hands remains invaluable.

You can be sure that this return gift will be placed ceremoniously and used as well. These wonderfully crafted and neatly packed favors are loved by everyone who gets them. Guests are thrilled to bits by many a unique and distinctive candles. And so it is that they have come to attain an important place in such celebrations.


No hostess may be caught to overlook this crucial aspect of the baby shower when loving guests are thrust with the thoughtful favor prepared lovingly beforehand. Be it custom-made or personalized they remain popular return gifts extending warmth and empathy between family members and friends. Add to this the pleasure of using baby food jars with votive candles in them, tied with ribbons and bows to be placed about as part of decoration.

You can create a serene and festive look all at once. But just to beat all this mushiness you’d be surprised at the extensive range of choices that are available. I can enjoy hours on end for friends and relatives who may not be able to check out the variety and if I get lucky then I grab the good deals for bulk purchasing or special discounts on offer.

In fact I am so adept at it now that anyone expecting a baby makes me in-charge of these wonderful selections. You might go looking for other unique baby shower favors or cute return gifts but nothing is more fun than candles as favors. So when friends and family gather for the shower to celebrate the occasion these are something I look forward to picking up for the mom-to-be.


Whatever be the theme of the baby shower party my guess is that candles in perfect colors remain a no-stress favor. The huge selection of personalized baby shower candle favors might baffle you – but only momentarily. Candles are a delight to give away as besides being a practical favor that guests definitely use back home, they can be adorned with baby shower add-ons. They can be imprinted with a baby image or have baby powder scents or be in the shape of a baby bottle. Really the imagination can run riot.

And of course as I said earlier they can be quite inexpensive. Especially for bulk purchases you are given the advantage of discounts. And if you pass on the host’s and the baby’s name and other details they get tagged on to the wrapped up candle. You could create your own tags if you have the time. But this would require pre-planning ahead of time. Rest assured the candle favor for baby showers serves as a sentimental remembrance for the baby shower.

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