Baby Shower Candy Ideas

by admin on July 16, 2012

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Baby Shower Candy Ideas


Are you planning a baby shower for yourself or someone close to you? Are you looking for cute ideas for favors, shower games or what to serve your guests? Well, look no further than candy!

There are several advantages to using candy at your baby shower. First off, it is very affordable. Candy won’t blow your budget, and that’s a good thing!

Second, candy is versatile – you can get it in virtually any color, shape, or size to go with your baby shower decor or theme. You can even buy mini tins (that come in a myriad of shapes and designs) and then place the candies inside. If you like clear containers, you can get inexpensive plastic baby bottles and fill them with nuts or candies. People will appreciate these treats and the themed containers will help set the mood for your event!

Third, candy favors make excellent gifts for your guests. These days you will see many types of favors and party bags, but candy favors are always a big hit!

Where To Look for Your Candy

You local bulk candy store is likely to have some candy available for you, plus you’ll want to check online candy stores for even bigger selections. Online candy stores now feature a huge variety of themed candy and candies by color to compliment your shower.

Here are just some of the popular candies for babies showers:

  •     Jordan Almonds. You can find them in wide array of colors. I like the adorable pastel blue for boys, pastel pink for girls
  •     Bubble gum cigars – Pink “It’s a Girl!” and blue “It’s a Boy!” – great as a favor or a place setting.
  •     Chocolate cigars – luscious, creamy milk chocolate cigars with “It’s a Girl!” written on a pink foil wrap. “It’s a Boy!” written on a
    blue foil wrap.
  •     Colored Chocolates- Sixlets, M & M and other candy coated chocolates are also available in a variety of colors and flavors,
    again they look great in pink or powder blue..
  •     Lollipops – Lollipops are now available in a number of different shapes, sizes and colors Try pink for a girl, blue for a boy or
    pastel if you’re not sure!
  •     Solid pink and blue lollipops that say “It’s a Boy (or Girl)!” with baby graphics on the pops.
  •     Big gumballs in solid pink or solid blue!
  •     Rock Candy “Crystal” sticks – These really glisten just like crystal! Get bubblegum flavor for girls, cotton candy flavor for boys.

Baby Shower Games with Candy

Here is a cute ice breaker game for a baby shower:

Take a sweet – As guests come through the door offer them some mints (or any small candy in a bowl.) Ask them to save them for a game. After everyone has arrived, go around the room and have each person talk a little about themselves. However many pieces of candy they have taken equal the amount of facts they will say about themselves. This is a great icebreaker!

Another interesting game to play:

The Candy Game – Buy pieces of candy and tape them to a large piece of poster board. Hand out paper and a pen to each guest. Begin reading off clues and have the guests write down the candy that answers each clue. The guest with the most correct wins a prize, or a candy bar! Here are some sample clues/candies:

Contractions/11 pound baby – Atomic Fire Ball

What comes after quintuplets? – Sixlets

Grandparents – Lifesavers. Also works well with “Epidural”.

Boys’ Names – Mike & Ike

Umbilical Cord – Licorice strands

Father – Sugar Daddy

Helps keep mom and dad awake – Coffee candy or a Chocolate candy

Sweet Baby – Sugar Babies

Hungry Baby – Cry Babies

Teething Baby – Ring Pops

Poopie Diaper – Chocolate Tootsie Rolls

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