Planning Of Baby Shower Catering Is Most Crucial

by admin on July 26, 2012

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Catering is the most important aspect of any party and baby shower catering is no exception. Moreover, the catering bill always tops the list as far as expenses are concerned. As such, it is essential that this aspect should be properly planned so that guests enjoy the food and the ambience and the host does not have to pay through the nose. The first step is to find the right caterer who would do a good job for you.

Choose The Right Caterer And Work With Him

The event is a time for pregnancy celebration and you would certainly like to make this event a grand affair with the best of everything. You cannot afford to have any slipups as far as baby shower catering is concerned. As such you need to choose the best caterer in the field subject to the limitations of your budget. Having chosen the caterer, you need to work with him in order to ensure that he delivers the goods as per your wishes. You should discuss the budget with the caterer and work towards achieving the best results within that budget. You should also finalize the type of catering, whether you would prefer a buffet, sit down dinner, food stations or cocktail reception. You should also finalize the types of food to be served.

You should find out the strong points of the caterer regarding his culinary skills so that you can take advantage of those by asking him to provide the type of food that he excels in. The party catering should not only concentrate on the type of food but it should also present the food in an attractive manner.





Crockery And Cutlery

An important part of catering is dinnerware as the ambience of hosting baby shower event depends to a large extent on the type of crockery and cutlery that the caterer will use. It’s therefore, necessary to inspect the dinnerware that the caterer intends to use at your baby shower event. Whether the caterer has included the dinnerware in his quote or not is immaterial. You need to see samples of all items so that you can decide whether the dinnerware will match the theme and décor of the event.


Your guests will rave about your event only if they have been well fed with quality food. Good service of the caterer plays a big role in this regard. You must find out from the caterer regarding the ratio of service to guests as this will determine exactly how well the guests will be served. The standard ratio is considered to be one server to every 8 to 10 guests although there is no fixed rule regarding the same.


Baby shower catering cannot be complete without proper decoration of the venue of the event. Whether the cost of decorations is included in the catering cost or not is a matter that should be settled beforehand but the responsibility for decorating the place should lie with the caterer. You must inform the caterer regarding the theme of the baby shower event and ask him to include floral arrangements and other decorations matching the theme in the catering.

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