Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

by admin on July 16, 2012

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Baby shower gift baskets make gift-giving a lot of fun. These are usually baskets filled with necessary things for both mom and the baby. Most people settle for what is conventional when it comes to baby shower gifts. How do you make your own gift basket unique at a baby shower?

You may have a long list of things you think the baby might need or the mom will find interesting in your basket.

  •     Don’t limit yourself to just the basic necessities – such as only diapers. You may want to buy a small pack of diapers and chuck
    it in the basket. Pair that up with a baby blanket or a crib mattress sheet. It may look more attractive if you coordinated the
    colors, say, according to the baby’s gender or if you wanted a certain theme for the gift.
  •     You may think that the basket may be placed inside the baby’s nursery, the playroom or near the bath, even after all its
    contents will have been used. Think of small treasures such as a pacifier, animal mobiles, or a rubber duck. These things may
    be overlooked by the parents and they would appreciate the tiny details you have thought.
  •     The mom is often pushed to the background when the baby comes. So a little bottle of eye cream or a lovely collection of
    classical songs in a CD can be stashed inside the basket, too. Perhaps a bag of organic tea or a magazine on mother’s post-birth
    giving is also a good idea.
  •     A little stuffed toy, preferably non-allergenic – can be placed right at the centre of the basket.
  •     Put a pretty card saying congratulations, offering some time to baby-sit in the future, or simply an invitation for an afternoon
    of tea and cookies. Anything that expresses you care about both the baby and the mother.
  •     Finally, for the finishing touches, arrange the goodies in a way that is creative. You can add little bows or ribbons, too. Now
    you can watch the mother in astonishment as she goes through all the unique and thoughtful stuff you have given.


The most important thing about getting baby clothes is knowing which one is right for your baby.

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