Give Your Baby Shower Party Favors A Personal Or Customize Touch

by admin on July 12, 2012

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Want to give your guests something besides the usual store-bought baby shower party favors? Want to put your own individual stamp on your baby shower? Looking for giveaways that serve as perfect tributes to your guest of honor and her new little person? Sometimes it really pays to go the extra mile when you want to give your party favors that really special touch. All you need to do is unleash your creative side and brainstorm for great party favor ideas that will complement your theme.

When planning to improvise your own party favors, first you must take into consideration your party budget and your guest list. You may order some plain party favors ahead of time and then modify them yourself. For this you can use ordinary materials like colored paper, ribbon, glitter dust, or paints.

If you want to try your hand at making your own party favors, you may also find your own alternatives in unconventional places. You can purchase quantities of baby socks at Walmart or Target, then decorate them using silk ribbon or fabric paint. These socks can then be filled with small candies for your guests to take home. Another option is for you to pick through the scrap pile of your local fabric store, choosing cute kiddie patterns or bright pastel hues. These cloth scraps can be sewn into pouches or sachets you can fill with your choice of tea, lavender, or bath salts. Other places you can visit for inspiration can include Home Depot, Toys R Us, Michael’s, candy shops, bakeries, dollar stores, and maybe even your nearby office supply store!

If you are just not the creative type, you can always take to the kitchen and whip up your own sweets to give out at the shower. You can get your hands on some cooking chocolate, lollipop sticks and simple food molds in shapes like baby bottles or teddy bears. Following the instructions for preparing the chocolate, you can make your own baby shower candy for the guests to nibble on when they go home.

The most thoughtful baby shower party favors are often those that pay their own small homage to the mother-to-be herself. If your party favors are not already following a specific theme, you can style them after one of the mother’s favorite things or pastimes. Does the guest of honor love to write? Give out cute little memo notebooks with thank-you notes scribbled or stamped into the front page. Is she an avid gardener? Packets containing seeds of her favorite flowers, fruits or other plants can be a great match for her. Maybe the mother-to-be enjoys artsy hobbies like needlepoint, scrapbooking or jewelry making. You can come up with small kits filled with art supplies like crayons, buttons, stickers or stamps for your guests to take home.

One of the more popular baby shower giveaway trends are for baking enthusiasts known for their famous recipes among friends. Hosts will acquire a number of large empty jars or canisters. These jars will then be filled with the dry baking ingredients for a favorite recipe like chocolate chip cookies. The jars are then sealed and tagged with a copy of the recipe. Guests will be given each of these jars to take home, allowing them to whip up their own delicious, freshly-baked goodies.





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