Boy Baby Shower Invitations – Tradition and Contemporary Style Blended Together

by admin on August 20, 2012

You’re expecting a baby boy. Good for you! Naturally, you want to share your joy with friends and family, so a party is a must. Luckily, there is a range of boy baby shower invitations that cover every taste from the most traditional to the most contemporary.

A baby mobile is a long-standing tradition that gets continually brought up to date. The Baby Mobile baby shower invitation shows just how. A delightful motif of tiny animals hanging from strings provides the traditional element. The graphic design is completely contemporary. The best of both worlds.

Speaking of animals, check out the Safari Bunch card. This cheerful baby shower invite features a giraffe, monkey, and hippo who all have just one thing in mind: join us for a day of fun! The gentle nutmeg background provides a lovely quiet contrast to those happy creatures. Share their spirit of joy at the upcoming blessed event.









It isn’t just animal lovers who love pandas. These funny and gentle creatures are favorites around the world. That makes them the ideal motif for a boy baby shower invitation card. Mom and baby panda cling to bamboo on the left side while the right half provides plenty of space to list your particulars. Use the editable text box to say anything you like!

Sometimes, the best way to say it is with a photo. The Sweet Touch photo card lets you do just that. Upload your favorite snapshot. That image could feature the happy mom and dad to be. You could provide an image of your first child. Or, you could offer a computer-generated image of what your child will look like at age two. Whichever you select, your baby shower invitation is bound to be kept long after the party is over.

“Fun, fun, fun” just might be the perfect description of the Hip Mama baby shower invitation. The upper portion shows a cartoon mom-to-be inviting everyone to share her day of joy. Thanks to her oversized baby bump, there’s no doubt what the party is about. Thanks to her big smile, you know how she feels about it.

Let the Fashion Forward card show you how to combine tradition and up-to-the-minute style. A cheery pink outfit on the graphic mom-to-be proudly displaying her baby bump creates a sense of contemporary fashion in a traditional pose. A new tradition is about to be born here, perhaps.

The “Love Grows” baby shower invitation card features a lovely baby boy blue background and a silhouette of the expectant mother. No one will have to guess what she’s expecting, thanks to the insert of an ultrasound image inside her baby bump. Modern technology meets a traditional invitation and the result is the perfect marriage.

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