Gifts for Baby Shower Game Winners

by admin on September 13, 2012

As you plan your baby shower, you need to consider what to buy for prizes for the games you will play and when you buy gifts for baby shower games, you need to know how many games you play, how many winners you will have and whether you want every guest to win something. All of these factors will dictate what you will buy and how many you will need.

What better way to reward your guests than to give them something to snack on. If you purchase customized fortune cookies, you can give them to everyone, whether they win or lose. Because you can customize the message inside, you can also use the fortune cookies as a game themselves. You can purchase a few with the term “winner” printed inside and the others can have cute ways of telling people they haven’t won. The guests crack them open and find out if they won.


Gifts for Baby Shower


Gifts for Baby Shower


Gifts for Baby Shower


If you want to provide bigger gifts for baby shower games, you can buy many of the same things you can give away as favors.

For instance, you can buy an assortment of picture frames, candles and other trinkets. Wrap each item up separately in matching paper and place them on one table. When your guests win, they can then pick one of the gifts from the table. Make sure you have enough to go around for all of the winners, keeping in mind that some games may have more than one winner. Otherwise, you will need a tie-breaker process in place.

You can also purchase something to give to those who lose the game. An inexpensive option to give to those who don’t win is a small package of bath confetti. You can buy these packages of bath confetti imprinted with a cute saying about the fact that not everyone can win, but you wanted to thank them for playing the game. This ensures that everyone gets something to take home.

Buying gifts for baby shower games involves planning ahead so you know how many to get. You can provide your guests with a tasty treat as a reward or even use them to play a game. If you want something a little nicer for the winners, buy an assortment of some of the nicer shower favors to give to the winners. It is also nice to provide something, even if it is a small something, to all of your guests so no one goes home empty handed.

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