How To Create Your Own Attractive Baby Shower Invitations

by admin on March 15, 2013

Computers can be a great help in cutting down on expenses of the party. Be it used for making attractive baby shower games or invitations for all the invitees. Your computer comes with many programs that can be used to make attractive invitations.

Two of these programs available on the computer are PowerPoint and Publisher. You could also visit many web sites to cut down on time and choose a free template of an invitation and customize it for your invitation cards.

You could also use a velum Overlay as a design for your baby shower invitation. First of all get yourself a style of paper that is really attractive and then find a matching ribbon. These are available at any stationery store. You will also need some bits of velum. On your PC compose the words you want to print on the invitation and print it onto the velum. Fix the velum to the front or the top of your craft paper and you will have a very attractive home made baby shower invitation.


attractive baby shower invitations


attractive baby shower invitations


attractive baby shower invitations


attractive baby shower invitations


attractive baby shower invitations


A few more invitation ideas.

1. Perhaps the easiest invitation is the one available at the stationery store. However, there are other ways to go about acquiring your baby shower invitations.

2. You could alternatively order them from an online store of one in the marketplace that will customize your baby shower invitation.

3. Walk into a greeting card shop and use their computers available for the purpose to create your own invitation cards on their professional software and have professionally printed cards to your liking.

4. There are many online clip arts you can use to make attractive baby shower invitation cards. These are very attractive and can be customized as well.

5. Try sending an attractive postcard.


Some Information You Will Need To Include In Your Invitation:

1. Try including an attractive phrase or perhaps a bit of poetry in the card.
2. Ensure that you include the name of the prospective mother.
3. Do include the date venue and the time of the baby shower.
4. Mention the theme if you are using any.
5. The RSVP is very important as it helps you cater to your guests.
6. Name the hostess of the baby shower.

You should decide on a budget and stick to it no matter what. It is very easy to add on something or the other as you go along planning your baby shower that you do not realize you have overshot the budget by almost double the amount.

You should ensure that there is something for all the guests to enjoy. This includes the snacks and drinks you will serve at the baby shower. A well planned baby shower will ensure that you have little or no criticism from your guests and you will be all the happier in the end.

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