Inexpensive Baby Shower Games

by admin on February 12, 2013

Baby showers are always a fun, happy time where friends and family gather to help welcome a new life into the world. Of course there is a lot of planning involved and decisions to be made like creating a guest list, finding a location, choosing a menu, picking a theme, finding party favors and the most important thing of all is figuring out which games to play. Games are the heart and soul of each baby shower and they really set the mood. If the right games are played, the baby shower will surely be unforgettable.


inexpensive baby shower games


inexpensive baby shower games


inexpensive baby shower games


The key to selecting the best and inexpensive baby shower games is choosing ones that will be simple and easy. The last thing a hostess wants is confused or irritated guests. Everyone knows how to play Bingo. This classic game can be molded to fit to a baby shower theme by allowing guests to be part of the gift opening process. The hostess will give out bingo cards to each player before the game. As she is opening the gifts, the guest will mark each gift off of their cards. The first person to complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row will be the winner. The prize can be something simple like a gift card or a small gift set of lotions body washes.

A game to test the guests’ music trivia and get them thinking is called, “Name That Baby Tune”. The hostess will burn a mix CD of about 10-15 songs with the worlds “baby” or “babe” in the title. Include fun, pop songs like Beyonce’s “Baby Boy” and classics like “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes. Play each song for about five seconds and have the guests write the title on a sheet of paper. Whoever has the most songs correct is the winner. In this game everyone wins a copy of the CD, but the first place winner gets an iTunes gift card.

Put a new spin on the old Twister game for a baby shower with “Pregnant Twister”. The mother to be sits this to the side and judges her guests’ flexibility as they play Twister with fake baby bellies and wrist weights in fanny packs. Watching people struggle with the flexibility will be fun to watch, especially at a coed shower where men can get a taste of a mother-to-be’s life. The prize for this one can be a yoga DVD, allowing the guests to work on their flexibility for the next shower.

Hosting a baby shower shouldn’t cause a lot of stress for the mother to be or hostess. It is an exciting and beautiful time in her life that her closest friends and family should feel honored to share with her. Baby shower games act as ice breakers for groups where everyone isn’t familiar with each other and they are fun for people who have known each other for years. There are hundreds of fun, creative inexpensive games that can be played.

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