Nice and Affordable Baby Shower Favors

by admin on July 27, 2012

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Something that is not required when planning a baby shower, but always makes each guest feel special is the baby shower favor. This baby shower accessory serves as memorabilia of the event as well as thank you gift for each one in the party.

When planning a shower and wanting to have baby showers, the host can think of the theme for the event. The theme will serve as the guide when choosing important supplies and decorations for the baby shower. It also helps the host choose what favors to purchase or make.

Baby shower favors, though aren’t mandatory, but they can really make wonders to the whole celebration. They don’t have to be expensive either. Any party nowadays can be very expensive to plan, but in the case of planning a shower, there are lots of areas where a host can save money like on baby shower favors. Inexpensive baby shower favors doesn’t necessarily mean low grade and worthless. In fact, they can be very fun if chosen or made with care and creativity.





Here are some fun and affordable baby shower favors to choose from:

* Hand Lotion – Buy a large bottle of hand lotion. This great amount of lotion can be divided to the number of guests that will attend. Using cute containers, one can come up with easy and affordable fragrant shower favors for the guests! Alternatively, one can use small baby bottles to instead of favor containers. Each bottle of lotion can be decorated using acrylic paint or ribbons and bows. Tags can also be added to make these favors more personalized.

* Homemade Treats – A hostess can spend some time for making homemade treats such as cookies, cupcakes, pies, jams, chocolates and candies. Using favor boxes, bags, little jars or wrapping paper, these sweet favor ideas can be given well-presented to the all the guests. They will definitely love to take edible favors at home or eat the treats while at the party.

* Soap Bars – Assorted soap bars are available at very cheap prices at local dollar stores. They can be melted at home and re-shape them into whatever shape and size one desires. To package the soaps, fabric, boxes or cellophane will do. Look for any of these packaging idea in matching theme and color that the party has.

* Baby Bottle Favors – There’s a lot of ideas to consider for baby bottle favors. Both cute and inexpensive, each bottle can make delightful token for the guests. They can be filled with colorful marbles, crystals, candies, gum or almonds. Again, putting ribbons, bows and personalized tags can make them look worth to take out.

There are other more fun and inexpensive favor ideas that can be choose from. Anyone with Internet connection at home can easily find lots of great ideas for shower by simply browsing online, from cheap shower invitations, shower games to shower favors and gifts. The price of the gift, however, is not the thing that counts, but rather the thought behind the gift.

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