Twinkling Sky Baby Shower Theme

by admin on February 9, 2013

Twinkling sky is a popular theme among women and is a great way to give warm welcome to your little star. Although you can host a baby shower ceremony without a theme, still you will need to use it for making the occasion more special. And when it is a twinkling sky baby shower theme, the whole event becomes more interesting.

twinkling sky baby shower theme


twinkling sky baby shower theme


twinkling sky baby shower theme
To start with, you need following stuff for making a twinkling sky:

A blue colored cloth to cover the ceiling and create a sky-like effect.
Small lights to give illusion of stars
Silver paper or aluminum foil to make other celestial bodies
Your baby’s photographs, preferably big portraits to use among the stars.
Scissor, glue stick and adhesive tapes to fix the photographs and cuttings

First of all, drape the ceiling of the ceremony hall with blue fabric, so as to create a night sky-like effect. If you have some recess lights on the ceiling, use a translucent fabric, so as to give effects of big sparkling stars. Thin velvet cloth works best on ceiling, as it is not only easy to drape, but also creates a mesmerizing night effect due to its solid tinge. You can easily get it from a cloth shop near you.

Now, fix some dim lights on the cloth, using them as shining stars. You can use your Christmas lights for this purpose. Cut out the silver paper or aluminum foil in the form of moon and stars and make a small galaxy on the ceiling. Now hang some stars with the help of a pin, giving a 3-dimensional effect.

Light up candles all around the room, preferably in corners. If the candles are perfumed, it would be much better, as it will create a magical ambiance. You invitation cards shall also be of similar theme. Star-theme baby shower invitation cards can be easily availed from the market. If you are not able to get these, get plain blue colored cards; write with silver or golden ink and paste small silver stars on them.

You can use star shaped dishes and serve similar shaped cutlets to your guests. You can keep “Thank You” gifts like star-shaped candles, chocolates, jewelry, cookies, etc. Trust me, your guests will feel really contented by this and will enjoy the ceremony.

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