Unique Baby Shower Gifts To Remember

by admin on August 27, 2012

Baby showers nowadays have everything that is carefully planned, from the venue, decorations, food, games to gifts that a mom-to-be will be getting. If you are one of the invitees, the best way for your gift to stand out above others is to make it unique. Remember, a unique gift will always be remembered.

There are plenty of unique baby shower gifts to think of, just put your creativity and imagination in use. If you want your gift to be remembered, here are some unique ideas you may consider:

Homemade and Vintage Gifts

Homemade gifts are always appreciated as well as vintage ones. There are lots of these gift ideas to choose from. You can end up giving handmade or vintage dolls or cradles, baby blankets, and other baby items you opt to give to the mom-to-be. Today, there are plenty of online stores that target vintage gifts to offer to their customers. Of course, there are also some options at some local stores if you don’t want to purchase online.









Handmade Keepsakes

Aside from photographs, there are also other more baby keepsakes that you can actually be handmade such as footprints, hand prints, first baby shoes, first baby tooth that falls out, and first baby haircut. These all bring many wonderful memories that the parents can reminisce later on. You can find kits for such crafty keepsake gifts at your local craft stores. The kit will make your life easier in providing something that the mom-to-be can use to create crafty baby keepsakes. Other great ideas related to these is to bronze the first baby shoes of the baby or to make a gift basket that is full of scrap booking supplies.

Gifts for Others

At the baby shower, it is not only the upcoming baby who deserves gifts but also his/her parents. It is always nice to give something for the parents too. Gifts for them may include items that can help them relax or make them feel pampered. You can put together spa supplies into a gift basket or you can fill the basket with different gourmet treats. If there are older siblings, you can give them gifts as well. This way, they won’t feel jealous or overlooked by everyone at the party.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized baby gifts are the most popular option these days. When it comes to baby showers or any other baby related parties, everyone would think of personalizing their gifts for the baby. It is no longer difficult to personalize a thing because of the technology today. Or, it can still be traditional if you wish to embroidered a baby blanket or baby outfit yourself. If you want to give an engraved baby shower gift, you can purchase a certain item and have it engraved by a professional engraver. Personalized baby shower gifts usually crafted with a baby’s name, initials, birth date, or even a short phrase, proverb or poem. You can easily find a much wider array of selection for personalized baby gifts online.

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