Unique Baby Shower Themes, Decor and Favor Ideas for 2012

by admin on August 13, 2012

If you’re planning to host a baby shower, you may be stuck trying to come up with a unique theme, decor and favor ideas for the party. Not to fret, in 2012 we’ve seen some new spins on traditional baby shower themes and fresh ideas come to the market. With a bit of research and some creativity, you can present to your guests a unique party that is tailored for the mom-to-be and her guests.

Before deciding on a baby shower theme, take a moment to understand the mom’s unique style and taste. Is she a city girl who loves to be in the know? Does she like setting her own trends? Or is she country chic, preferring good food, friends and simple gatherings? What is her passion? How is she planning on decorating for her nursery? By asking these few quick questions I guarantee you’ll come up with some theme ideas pretty quickly.

While baby animals and farm trends have always been popular, a new twist on the theme shows off decor and favors in a glamorous way. Rather than giving your guests a baby animal inspired souvenir, why not give them something fashionable like a zebra lip gloss or photo frame? Instead of stuffed animals lining the tables as decor, decoupage simple glass vases in animal prints? Small plastic gemstones in the colors of the animal print you choose can be scattered across the table rather than the standard “baby” confetti. Think of an animal theme in a modern light. This theme is great for fashionistas and city girls.







Rustic, eco-friendly and farm trends abound, if you have an earth loving momma, then she is sure to love this type of theme. Host your party in a backyard or outdoor setting, pulling in as much from the environment as you can incorporate. Dishes can be set up with fruit as decorations, seedlings and seed paper can serve as the favors. Guests can grow and nurture their very own “baby” plants. Another way to incorporate a rustic/farm theme is to use bird items such as “feathering the nest” – egg shaped soaps, miniature birds nest centerpieces, little bird cages filled with candy are great decorations and thank you gifts for your guests.

Throw a party for a foodie! Let’s face it, moms-to-be all have a certain item they may be obsessed with eating. Some mom’s may crave pickles and ice cream, while others may enjoy a good cake! So why not center the theme around one particular item. Cupcakes are popular for many parties and make anyone with a sweet tooth happy. Cupcake towers serve many functions – centerpieces, take home treats – even dessert. If you plan on letting your guests enjoy their cake and eat it too – during the party, why not give little cupcake lip gloss containers for them to take home?

With a little time and creativity, you can create the perfect baby shower theme, decor and favors. Give yourself enough time to plan and prepare for your party and I guarantee your guests will go “ga-ga” for the day!

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